An online step-by-step program that provides you with the tools and resources you need to create a healthy workplace culture and improve employee health and well-being. 

Organizations that want to develop their first workplace health program or improve an existing one can use the Healthier Together Workplaces step-by-step approach to create and sustain a healthy workplace culture. It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, the program is designed to meet you where you are. Once you register you will have your own personalized dashboard that allows you to monitor your progress and work at your own pace. You will have access to tools and resources that guide you through the steps and link you to all the information you need.

The Program will support you to:

  • Secure leadership endorsement for a workplace health program
  • Engage employees to identify their health interests and needs
  • Assess current workplace health programs and practices
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Mobilize resources needed to take action
  • Set priorities and create a plan that focuses on strategies that have been proven to work
  • Put your plan into action and energize your workforce for change
  • Measure your progress in creating a healthy workplace

Building a Healthy Workplace Program

The process is very similar to how many Alberta employers already go about making their workplaces safer. Occupational Health and Safety professionals and individuals familiar with quality improvement methods will notice that the step-by-step approach mirrors the approach used in health and safety management systems and quality improvement.

The programs 5 steps are:
  • Engage leadership and secure endorsement for workplace health
  • Establish a Workplace Health Committee to drive your workplace health programming
  • Engage employees in planning, developing and implementing your program
  • Assess your current workplace health activities and organizational policies and practices to find out what you’re doing well and where you could introduce improvements
  • Collect and review a variety of data to help you understand your current workplace health status
  • Use a variety of methods to assess your employee’s health needs and interests
Prioritize and Plan
  • Set priorities and create a plan for workplace health that focuses on strategies and activities that have been proven to work
  • Develop an evaluation plan to track and document your success
  • Put your plan into action and energize your workplace for change
Evaluate and Improve
  • Review and reflect on your progress and use your evaluation findings to inform continuous improvement
  • Revise your program accordingly
  • Celebrate your success!

Our Recognition Program 

Once you meet established benchmarks you can apply for public recognition by Alberta Health Services as a healthy workplace. The ‘Healthy Workplace’ recognition will contribute to human resource goals (recruitment and retention) and demonstrate how your organization meets its corporate social responsibility commitments.

Recognition Levels 

We know that every organization is different, and not every organization is starting their workplace health program from the same place. That’s why we created the Healthier Together Workplaces Program recognition levels.  These levels are tailored to support you whether you’re developing your first workplace health program, improving an existing one, or on your way to sustaining a healthy workplace culture.


The commitment level, for organizations that are starting to build the foundation for a healthy workplace, beginning to address workplace health issues and ready to make a solid commitment to take necessary action.


The achievement level, for organizations that have advanced beyond the Commitment level, having developed and implemented a comprehensive healthy workplace plan or strategy. 

Achievement with Distinction

The achievement level with distinction, for organizations that have cycled through the 5-step process, having achieved a comprehensive healthy workplace strategy in all 4 areas, and collect and analyze data on an annual basis.


The excellence level, for those organizations that have met all the requirements for the Achievement level, can show measureable improvements in employee health and well-being, have the resources and capacity to sustain this progress, and have developed a culture of health.

The Healthier Together Workplaces Program can help you make positive changes in your organization by creating a sustainable plan to implement workplace health with our 5 step program.