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Cancer Prevention and Screening Innovation– Workplace Stream

To understand what we do, it helps to first imagine a workplace that was designed specifically to support employees feel healthy and vibrant.  Where no matter what their life circumstance was, their workplace helped ensure they got a fair shot at health and well-being.

We invite Alberta workplaces to create this vision because healthy employees translate to a healthy bottom line.  Study after study shows that workplaces that support the health and well-being of their employees perform better and save money.

We have expertise and a proven model of support that can help you customize innovative strategies that have been shown to work for others.

We care about supporting you because if you succeed, together we will create an Alberta where most cancer is prevented.

The Healthier Together Workplaces Program

The Healthier Together Workplaces Program evolved from the Better Health Better Business pilot - an applied research project that was carried out in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society. 

The purpose of the program is to create healthier workplaces, with healthier employees and a stronger workplace health culture. The program guides employees and managers through a 5-step process that helps them: gain leadership support for workplace health, assess their current workplace health status, plan, implement and evaluate a comprehensive workplace health program.