Healthy, safe and engaged employees help to reduce costs, are more productive at work and build an organization’s reputation as a socially responsible employer.

Decrease Costs

Well designed and effectively implemented workplace health promotion programs can reduce:

  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism
  • Staff turnover
  • Health benefit costs
  • Long term disability costs

The result is improved organizational effectiveness and return on investment. Register for our program to use the comprehensive Return On Investment (ROI) Tool to understand how your efforts begin to impact your bottom line.

Workplace Health Programs reduce sick leave, health plan costs and workers' compensation and disability costs from 25-32%.  

Engaged Employees

Organizations that care for the health and well-being of their employees create positive work environments and are better able to recruit, engage, and retain employees.

Healthy, safe and engaged employees exhibit enhanced:

  • Job satisfaction and morale
  • Productivity
  • Job performance

Positive corporate reputation:

  • Socially responsible employer
  • Employer that provides a great place to work
  • Improved employee recruitment and retention
  • Clear demonstration of legal due diligence for employees

Not ready to start a comprehensive workplace health program?  Explore ways to jumpstart your program with our evidence-based toolkits.

The Healthier Together Workplaces Program can help you make positive changes in your organization by creating a sustainable plan to implement workplace health with our 5 step program.