COMING SOON! Alberta's new Health Element Audit

Workplaces in Alberta will soon be able to add the Optional Health Element to their Partnerships in Injury Reduction COR audit.


Build on Safety

Just as workplace safety programs have protected workers from injury, effective workplace health programs can reduce health risks and improve the quality of life for about 2.5 million Alberta workers.

On average Albertans spend 35 hours per week at work, this means that for almost half (44%) of our waking hours our working environment is influencing the choices we make around our health.

The new Health Element can help your organization build a culture of health and safety!

What is the Health Standard?

The Health Standard was established in March 2014.  It is a provincial standard that establishes benchmarks or requirements for workplace health in Alberta.  The Standard is currently optional and will be offered by some Certifying Partners as an additional element within the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Certificate of Recognition (COR) program.

Partnerships in Injury Reduction COR program: How it works?

Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) is a voluntary program that awards Certificates of Recognition (CORs) to employers that have developed a health and safety management system that meets established provincial standards.  A COR shows that the employer’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified auditor.

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What will your workplace be audited on?

The Health Element audit tool is built in 2 sections.  The first section, “Building the Foundations” sets the requirements necessary to build the foundations of a successful workplace health program.  The requirements are categorized around 5 key factors of success:

  • Leadership and culture
  • Employee engagement and participation
  • Integrated and comprehensive approach
  • Communication
  • Continuous improvement

The second section, “Healthy Workplace Action Areas” set the requirements necessary to create a comprehensive and integrated Healthy Workplace program.  A program that covers all aspects of a healthy workplace environment and is aligned and integrated with your workplace safety program.  To meet these requirements your workplace health program should include policies, resources and practices in each of the following four areas:

  • Physical Environment
  • Psychosocial Environment
  • Personal Health Resources and Behaviours
  • Community Connections

Benefits of Auditing on the Health Element

  • Become recognized by Alberta Health Services and your Certifying Partner as a health promoting workplace
  • Create an integrated health and safety management system that will see:
    • Reductions in absenteeism rates, short and long term disability costs, and health benefit premiums
    • Increased productivity, and employee morale
  • Build a reputation as an employer of choice and attract top employees

How does the Health Element fit in the Current COR program?

  • Can be added as an additional element to an organizations existing COR
  • Scores have no effect on an organizations COR audit

Need help planning for your audit?

The Healthier Together Achievement level program can help your organization prepare for the COR Health Element audit.  The program guides you through a series of steps that assist you in building a comprehensive workplace health program and in achieving the requirements in the Health Element audit and be recognized as a Healthy Workplace in Alberta. 

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Check back soon to learn more about who is offering the health element and when it becomes available!